We would love to welcome you to the capitol of Greenland. The coolest capitol in the world.
Nuuk is a diverse city in Greenland, that holds people from many parts of the world, and that is one of the manyh reasons why we have labelled ourselves with the brand - Colourful Nuuk.
The beautiful scenery sorrounding Nuuk is a playgrund to all of us who love to experience more; Who wish to go further - And those of us who wants to overcome ourselves time and time again.
Welcome !




ABOUT US - We are the locals

We are a small local operation who have been working with tourism in Greenland since 2014. Now we have started up this small business, where we aim to please, and to give to you the best possible experiences ! We want you to feel welcome and we want you to have a great experience here in Greenland, where we live and work all year round. We use only local guides, and we wish to show you the true inuit hospitality and spirit.
We are looking forward to meeting you !
Tikilluarit / Welcome